Monday, October 26, 2009

Extended Battery LG enV3

The LG enV3 is one of the most popular VerizonWireless phones. It's the third phone in this highly successful family of handsets. The LG enV3 reviews also show that it performs well under the scrutiny of experts and users alike.

This phone is prized by users mainly because of it's text messaging capabilities. However, heavy use and texting can deplete this phone's batteries. It only comes with a 950 mAh battery which some users feel is inadequate to handle their demands.

Other features can also drain the battery quickly such as using Bluetooth, web browsing, recording videos, and using GPS.

Fortunately, this is not a major problems as a solution is not far away. Extended battery LG enV3 accessories can improve the life of this phone. These tools allow users to talk and text more while decreasing the amount 0of time on charging the batteries.

These mobile phone accessory also works well when a user has to travel and may not have ready access to power.

An extended battery LG enV3 can have as much as 1700mAH capacity which is nearly double that the handset's original power source. This also translates to having nearly twice as much power.

Using an extended battery LG enV3 or for any phone for that matter can be a solution to having problems with loss of power. This gadgets can cost as little as thirty bucks. It's a good investment for users who utilize the phone a lot.

This gadget is available at mobile phone websites as well as on popular auction websites across the web.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AT&T Cell Phone GPS

A large number of today's cellphones are now equipped with GPS capabilities. Perhaps users disdain the idea of carrying a lot of gadgets so having GPS in a mobile phone makes sense.

Service providers and carriers have recognized the demand for Global Positioning Systems in handsets and a currently offering the service to a number of consumers. Let's look at the AT&T cell phone GPS which provides one of the most reliable services in the country.

It's obvious that AT&T has a solid strategy on providing location based services to its clients. The carrier has also recently launched the Garmin G60 Nuvifone, a Global Positioning System based handset.

Let's get into the meat of AT&T cell phone GPS.

The carrier offers two GPS services. The Navigator provides real-time turn-by-turn navigation on Smartphone or static navigation and Local Search on phones with no GPS capabilities. The Navigator Global Edition on the other hand offers mapping and Point of Interest content for three continents, including North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Western Europe, and China.

Other aspects of the AT&T cell phone GPS include:
  • field force management
  • asset tracking
  • field service automation
  • productivity tools like GPS timecards and wireless forms
The wireless service provider also offers the FamilyMap which offers peace of mind by allowing parents to conveniently locate a family member's wireless phone on a map from a mobile phone or PC.

Other applications and location based services offered by AT&T include:

MapQuest Navigator
AAA Mobile
GeoCache Navigator
Allsport GPS

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson 12 MP Phone

The recent models of camera phones have become more powerful due to the demands of consumers to have more megapixels in their shooters. Well, many phone manufacturers have granted this request and high-end camera phones have been launched this year. Sony Ericsson is no exception.

Earlier this year, the first Sony Ericsson 12 MP phone was introduced. Known early on as the Idou, it was the toast of the in Barcelona, Spain, at the Mobile World Congress. Back then, the device was shrouded in mystery and hidden behind a glass case. Fans can look but they can't touch.

After a few months, the company decided to re-announce the Idou as the Sony Ericsson Satio. The specs and other details of the device were also revealed on that fateful day.

As expected the Sony Ericsson 12 MP phone, will come with bundles of features and capabilities. However, I think the camera should be discussed first. After all, it's the phone's primary attraction and most outstanding feature.

This world-class handset will carry a monstrous 12.1 megapixel camera with auto-focus, xenon flash, 12x digital zoom, and face and smile detection.

Of course that's not all. No high-end phone would not be complete with an impressive display. This phone sports a 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 16:9 touchscreen display that will satisfy any users. It also comes with an on-screen QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry.

One can expect a phone of this caliber to offer a ton of features and it does. Too may in fact, and will only take too much space in this post. So let me mention just a few of the major features. Let's see. It will have Symbian S60, WiFi, a-GPS, world roaming, stereo Bluetototh, web browser, and an FM radio.

This exciting handset is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AT&T Best Texting Phones

Mobile phone that specialize in text messaging are very popular right now. Young and old users like this mode of communication because it's cheap, easy and fast. If you spend a lot of your time sending text messages then it makes sense to purchase a text-centric handset.

AT&T, being the shrewd company that it is, quickly caught on to the texting craze. The carrier not only offered plans with emphasis on text messaging but it also marketed devices for heavy text users. let's take a look at the AT&T best texting phones.

These devices share one common feature. The AT&T best texting phones all offer a full QWERTY keyboard that makes composing a message fast and easy. They also provide a variety of IM and email clients and are relatively inexpensive.

AT&T Quickfire: this handset comes cheap at only $19.99 with a 2 year contract. This phone sports a full QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and comes in zany colors that teens love.

Samsung Magnet: A bar style phone with the requisite QWERTY keyboard and one-touch messaging key for quick communication. It's free with a contract.

Pantech Matrix: A 3G phone with dual slide-out keypads providing both QWERTY and phone keys. One of the mnost verstaile AT&T best texting phones . Sold at a very affordable $29.99.

LG Neon: An attractive phone that provides a full QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen plus 2 MP camera with video recording. Also available at $29.99.

Samsung Propel: A 3G slider with a wide QWERTY keyboard. Also provides voice-guided GPS for only $29.99 with a 2 year contract.

Nokia Surge: A futuristic handset with a side sliding body. It offers a 2 MP camera, 2.4 inch QVGA display, built-in aGPS and the QWERTY keyboard. Ab it on the high-side with a $79.99 price tag.

Motorola Karma: a social networking phone with slider design, 3G, full QWERTY keyboard, and 2.0 MP camera. Only $49.99 with a 2 year contract.

That's it for my post on the AT&T best texting phones> there other good text-centric phones at the AT&T line-up but I only posted handsets that are under a hundred bucks. Tune in to this blog to get more useful news and information on cell phones.